The Digital Revolution: How Dealership Document Management is Transforming Car Sales

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In the dynamic landscape of car sales, digital transformation is not just a buzzword but a crucial necessity. At the forefront of this digital revolution is Macrosmith, with its innovative dealership document management system. The CEO of Macrosmith, C.Grier Yartz, sheds light on how their system is not only addressing the challenges in car sales but also significantly enhancing the efficiency and customer experience in dealerships. 

Yartz has a rich professional background in document management.  
“I have worked for document management companies for the majority of my professional life in various capacities. I decided that I could create an EDMS system that would meet the goals of regional clients, leading me to start Macrosmith,” says Yartz. 

Yartz’s journey began with document conversion projects for various departments at Penn State, gradually marketing the EDM product to Pennsylvania townships. The turning point came when he realized the urgent need for efficient document management in auto dealerships. 

“The idea originated when I purchased a car from a local dealership. The controller at the dealership expressed a desperate need for EDM, marking the inception of our first auto customer. Since most dealerships have similar needs, we could replicate and market the product to PA dealerships, eventually going national,” Yartz explains.

According to Yartz, Macrosmith’s software is meticulously designed to address specific challenges in auto sales.  

“Our solution puts customer data at your fingertips, eliminating the need for physical storage and making documents easily accessible,” Yartz says. “This approach not only streamlines operations but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with document retrieval and management.” 

The core functionalities of Macrosmith’s DMS are straightforward yet powerful.  

“The process is as simple as scan, store, and retrieve. It’s easy to use as we understand that no one wants to spend time learning new programs. Our solution offers simple integration with each customer’s DMS, allowing the creation of missing document reports for lost documents,” Yartz says.

When asked about what sets Macrosmith apart from other solutions in the market, Yartz highlights several unique features. 

“We offer fixed pricing per month, regardless of the volume of documents scanned. With no click fee, unlimited users, and unlimited filing cabinets, our system is designed for accessibility and ease of use. Furthermore, our support is unparalleled, and with close to a 0% attrition rate, the satisfaction of our clients speaks volumes about the quality of our product and services,” Yartz says.

The digital shift has significantly influenced customer satisfaction and the overall buying experience in the automotive industry.  
“Sixteen years ago, digital document management was a novel technology. Today, people are more comfortable with not keeping paper, and dealerships are able to improve customer experience by having historical documentation readily available,” Yartz explains.

Dealerships experience a noticeable improvement in operational efficiencies upon integrating Macrosmith’s solution

“There is a marked reduction in the time spent finding documents, and documents rarely get misplaced,” notes Yartz. “This efficiency not only streamlines operations but also reduces the risk of incurring fines during manufacturing audits due to lost or misplaced warranty documents, thereby saving dealerships from unnecessary financial burdens.

Security and privacy of sensitive customer data are paramount for Macrosmith.  
“Our system includes features such as data encryption in transit and at rest, access control based on security rights, extensive audit trails, and multi-factor authentication. We adhere to the FTC Safeguards rule and comply with the EDM storage requirements of major manufacturers like Honda, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Toyota,” Yartz says.

Macrosmith’s system is versatile, catering to dealerships of various sizes and scales. 

“From single rooftop independent dealerships to multi-rooftop manufacturing groups, our system is a one-size-fits-all solution. We are a one-stop shop for owners and controllers managing multiple locations,” says Yartz.

Yartz explains that Macrosmith offers comprehensive training and onboarding for dealerships implementing their solution. 

“We provide remote installation and training, usually completed within 60 minutes. New employees are trained as they are onboarded, with the flexibility to schedule training at the customer’s convenience,” he adds.

Change is often met with resistance, especially from staff accustomed to traditional document management methods. According to Yartz, the ease of use provided by Macrosmith’s solution quickly turns naysayers into eager adopters.

“This happens all the time. The dealers are on board, but their staff may not be. However, once the staff is trained and experiences the ease of use of MacroScan, specifically the ease of document retrieval, they are won over,” Yartz notes.

Shifting to Macrosmith’s digital document management solution also offers environmental benefits.  

“Because we accept digital files via drag and drop and automated upload, there is no need to print out to store, thus saving resources and time,” Yartz points out.

Looking into the future, Yartz sees the landscape of dealership document management continuously evolving.  

“In 1998, Bill Clinton signed the e-signature act and everyone thought that paper would go away,” Yartz recalls. “However, there is more paper in a dealership now than ever, specifically because of liability issues and contracts. We have noticed that many dealerships are moving towards e-contracting recently. We store ‘Documents’ regardless of how they originate,” Yartz explains.

For auto dealerships still reliant on traditional document management methods, Yartz offers valuable advice.  

“To be compliant with government rules, it's best you move to EDM. Moving to us transfers a lot of the liability to us, resulting in less worry for the dealer principal,” he advises.

Concerned your car dealership isn’t ready for a total transformation to digital document storage? According to Yartz, sometimes the first steps dealerships should take to embark on digital transformation are baby steps.  

“Start slow - you don’t need to digitize everything right away,” Yartz explains. “Start with where you would see the biggest return on investment, normally that is repair orders, deal jackets, parts invoices, and AP.”

In the next decade, Yartz envisions a broader landscape of car sales changing significantly, with digital solutions like Macrosmith’s leading the way.  
“With the advent of digital solutions like ours, the broader landscape of car sales is poised for significant changes in the next decade. The convenience and efficiency brought by digital document management will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the automotive sales industry,” Yartz concludes.
To learn more about how Macrosmith’s digital document management software can transform your car dealership, contact them today at 814-308-0788.