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Dealership Document Management That Saves You Time

Discover transparent and value-driven pricing with our quotes, tailored according to the number of retail units you sell each month. Experience the convenience of unlimited scanning, users, and file folders included seamlessly within our pricing structure. We believe in the continuous earning of your business, eliminating the need for long-term agreements. Every month, we strive to reaffirm your choice to partner with us. Allow us the opportunity to discuss the extensive benefits and features included in our service offerings. Click below to explore unparalleled document management solutions.

Our White Paper on Dealership Document Management

Let's Increase Your Dealership's Efficiencies, and Make you 100% Audit-Ready

At Macrosmith, we believe in empowering dealerships with the tools they need to thrive. Our commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction has made us the trusted name in dealership document management.

Our dealership document management software is a tool that empowers dealerships to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and be audit-ready at the click of a button.

Join us, and let’s drive the future together.

Grow Your Dealership, Get Organized, Stay Audit-Ready

Organize Your Car Dealership and Be Audit-Ready at the Click of a Button With Macrosmith

Macrosmith  currently services hundreds of auto dealers across the nation with tens of  millions of documents stored in our secure, online repositories. You can trust that we will provide you with an exceptional experience. 


Scan & Upload

Dealership scanning of repair orders, deal jackets, parts invoices, accounts payable, receivables and other document types with no limits. Barcode and OCR scanning features are available. Already have the PDF or JPEG? No need to scan it, simply upload to MacroFILE.


Store & Organize

All documents will be stored in a secure digital filing cabinet. We offer unlimited storage, filing cabinets and users in an easy FIXED monthly price.


Retrieve & Thrive

Documents are instantly ready to view from any device. Easily search by VIN number, RO number, Name, Check Number and Date.

How Does Dealership Document Management Work? Watch Our Video

What's dealership document management software? How does it work? Check out our short explainer video to get a basic understanding about why Macrosmith's dealership document management software will revolutionize the way you run your car dealership.

Our Clients Are Our Success

Macrosmith’s Happy Clients

Macrosmith has proved to be a very valuable resource for our online data storage needs. Their tech support team rates 5 stars!

We value our Macrosmith partnership. It cuts down on the paper we store and the time searching for documents, and keeps us compliant with the FTC Safeguards Rule for document storage. I would recommend them to any dealership looking to move paperless.

The MacroFile system is extremely user friendly. Training was done in a matter of minutes for our users.

Dealership Document Management


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