Industries We Work With

Auto Dealers

We work with auto dealers to help them keep track of every car that comes in and out of their dealership. Macrosmith, Inc. allows dealers to comply with audits and saves employees time researching documents. Our system can store items such as deal jackets, repair orders, and parts invoices, all of which you can easily look up by VIN number or R.O. number. We also have partnerships with Autosoft, DealerBuilt, and Automate.

Higher Education

Macrosmith, Inc. makes tracking student information easier than ever. Transcripts, grade change reports, advising records, and new course documentation can all be kept safe, secure, and easy to find using our software. You can quickly access student records from years past and present with just the click of a button.


Local municipalities have also used our software to keep track of important data. We can manage property files, plot plans, permits, and meeting minutes. Files can be retrieved by PIN number or other keywords. Macrosmith, Inc. is here to take the headache out of paper filing systems.


We are always searching for other industries that need our help. If you feel that your business could benefit from our services, please reach out to us using the “Contact Us” page!