About the Company

After 20 years in the electronic document management business, our president and CEO, Grier Yartz founded Macrosmith, Inc. Our privately owned Pennsylvania corporation has been making life easier for clients since 2007. Macrosmith, Inc. began by servicing the higher education market. We quickly grew to service the auto industry and municipalities. To date, Macrosmith, Inc. has hundreds of clients across the nation, with tens of millions of documents stored in our secure, online repositories. We have been working with clients for nearly ten years, so you can trust that we provide an exceptional experience.

Mission Statement

We understand that transitioning from paper to electronic document management systems can be confusing. Our mission is to keep things simple and secure.

We offer no hassle set up and training. Once your scanners are delivered, simply plug them in, and then call us.  We can have installation and training complete within 60 minutes, and then you are up and scanning! We also offer outstanding customer support.

Our goal is to provide more personal service. We know that once an installation is complete, there will be questions from administrators and users, especially right after the installation. We pride ourselves in the fact that our support staff is there to help throughout the transition and for ongoing service.

You can have confidence that your documents are safe on Macrosmith, Inc.’s servers. Your data won’t be floating around in the cloud, susceptible to hackers. We know where your data is stored. Our corporate office houses our own secure data warehouse, where we can personally protect your information. We can give you the piece of mind that all of your documents have been scanned, archived, and accounted for.